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Website Design

A Bargain Gardener approached us for a website design as a new brand to the online world. Our web design team selected the right colour combination, designed logo for the client, and extracted every detail to make this website a masterpiece. The website speaks the word out and was made really audience-friendly. Load time of the website is super fast and is designed keeping SEO in mind. It has easy to navigate menu which also includes a portfolio of the gardener’s previous jobs.

Search Engine Optimisation

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The company approached us for SEO services after a certain time period. The website was already generating some leads by then but the figures were not impressive. Gardening services is emerging as one of the competitive niches in search results in Sydney. We redeveloped the website, optimised it for Google technical SEO and created several campaigns to kickstart enquiries. We reviewed the website content and expanded it to include the sort of topics that our research showed would be most effective during the low season. The sites we work on do tend to respond very quickly but the main reason for this quick result was a simple usability fix that literally took less than five minutes to implement.

A Bargain Gardener wan an emerging company in the gardening services industry when we were first approached by them. They were getting a few leads per month but the number was not satisfactory to them.

The content they had on their website was also creating restrictions when it came to rankings and attaining first page results. Our local SEO experts were quickly able to identify the opportunities that A Bargain Gardner was not participating on.

First few months of starting the digital marketing campaign- we were heavily focusing on the local SEO market. The generic keywords were not able to hold good rankings because of the domain authority. However, local SEO techniques helped filled all the gaps. In the last 6 months of running a successful campaign with Nifty Marketing Australia, A Bargain Gardener was able to achieve 200% growth in traffic.

They were also able to increase there brand value and people searching for their brand name was increased by 40%. SEO is all about getting leads, however, branding makes the business process fluent and makes sure the people around you know your business.

Different tactics which included a mixture of various promotional channels like Social Media, Forums, & Content Marketing was really handy when it came to increasing the brand value. The most beautiful part of this growth journey was A Bargain Gardener’s team was working hard as our digital marketers in order to keep their brand growing.

As a result, they got a minimum of 327 leads tracked during the timeframe of the Digital Marketing campaign. It is about 600% growth in leads compared to their previous time frame. The system set by our SEO experts will continue to grow this business and A Bargain Gardener will flourish more than ever in coming days.

Raising your profile, boosting revenue, increasing efficiency, reducing cost, training your staff and communicating better with your customers are only a few of the business priorities vital to any company’s success.

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