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In a busy world, online food services are a great help. Today we invite you to have a glance at the brand design for a food service: it’s a story of contrasts and functional art, consistency in identity design and creative visual storytelling. The user interface design of the website is based on simplicity. It’s full of air and uses a limited colour palette that supports quick connection to the brand and helps visitors to avoid distraction and make the web pages scanned easily due to contrast colours and readable fonts. The original illustrations support positive user experience with the power of storytelling and give the layout original and trendy looks.

Mobile App Development

Among various types of mobile apps, the ones devoted to food present a very popular category. Food services, restaurant and food delivery apps, calorie trackers and food diaries – more and more applications now help people to keep on with all the faces of eating, which means UX designers work on a variety of interfaces of that kind.

To design a food servicing app, it’s vital to think over the variety of steps and clear navigation that will enable users to quickly make and get the service under diverse circumstances.

In order to direct their potential customers to the right store at the right time, the giant incorporated location-based technology into its app. Employing the geo-targeting capability, the company was able to deliver above-the-time messaging to their customers, intuitively guiding them to the nearest open restaurant.

Due to the immense usage of their app across geographies, Wot 2 Eat is able to collect a wealth of anonymised data regarding the audience engagement. This helped them to deliver increasingly personalised the experience to customers through their mobile apps.

The multi-channel experience encompassed a mobile-optimised website and applications for both Android and iOS devices. This meant that customers can start off their journey from one channel and can complete the same through another.

Mobile App Design

As  Wot 2 Eat team noticed this trend, they saw the opportunity to embrace mobile and find a partner to help them do it right. The team turned to Nifty Marketing to lay the foundation and design an iOS and Android app that would enhance the experience of exploring Wot 2 Eat. It’s great to work on a project that has a large target audience and is solving a problem with momentum. However, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype and make decisions based on gut instinct rather than research. At Nifty Marketing, we pride ourselves on building apps that are based on data driven insights and we work with our clients to find them.

To kickstart the development of Wot 2 Eat’s mobile app, we held a strategy session to identify goals, priorities, user stories and ideal features. We did this by having conversations with both the client and the people who would be likely to use this app. Through this process we were able to uncover insights like the value of having offline access, social sharing and the two distinct audiences that would be using this app.

Wot 2 Eat desired an app that could be used by people from all walks of life. It was our goal to create an amazing mobile app journey especially for food service. Once sketches were complete, we created wireframes to arm us with feedback from outside our office and help us find the best mobile solutions for Wot 2 Eat’s needs. Working from our own expertise and knowledge of mobile is a great advantage, but through collaboration, we were able to unlock insights that could only come from clients.

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