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What is SEO Reseller Service?

We are a Digital Marketing Agency who specialise in Search Engine Optimisation. It’s what we know back to front. Reselling SEO Service is where another Marketing Company outsources SEO work to us, this means that you can mark us at Nifty Marketing Australia as one of your own services. We focus heavily on customer support and only want the satisfaction of our customers. Rest assured, we deliver full quality to your clients.

Why choose Nifty Marketing Australia?

Google is the best search engine on the planet. Businesses on the first page of search results collect 70% of Google’s internet traffic. Surprisingly, Organic search results done through SEO are more likely to be viewed than paid advertisements. This means that SEO is a better marketing strategy than other forms of paid advertisements. This is because SEO’s target your client’s observers directly. They do this by using your chosen keyword. With Nifty Marketing Australia’s SEO your clients can Organically rank higher on Google searches. Not only will they engage with their targeted viewers but they will also direct relevant traffic to their website.

Our team will help the web-page to be seen as the best. We will do this with our specialised SEO campaigns. Therefore, getting your client’s business page on the first page of Google. Checkout our LinkedIn Page for some of our projects on SEO.

Our Experts

At Nifty Marketing Australia we definitely enjoy creating high quality, high performing digital experiences. With our Search Engine Optimisation skills we will surely turn your Business into a marketing machine. Furthermore, we guarantee our customers long-lasting results for their businesses. Our team works with the latest technologies, strategies and platforms to enable your business the growth it needs.

Our team of certified SEO Specialists in Sydney have the essential experience to understand your business and its core requirements. We are all about making you happy and supporting you with a successful SEO campaign. Purchase a Nifty SEO Seed to Plant and Grow your Online Visibility today!




We will implement the review search results to attract users and show them your positive side.

Local Business

Local Business will help you create an attractive search result that will display additional information in search results. Do you own an eatery, a dental or health clinic, a pharmacy, a school, grocery store, salon, etc. etc. This one is for you!

Article Searches

For news, blog or an article page can enhance the appearance in search results. If you are a blogger, or an author who contributes news and articles, you can use the article search results to add additional information and create a better snippet that gives a clear picture of what your article is all about.

Service Results

A Service Result can help you show off your services too. If you provide services such as home improvement, car care, digital marketing, travel, etc, we can create the service results to show additional information that gives people a clear idea about all you do and encourage them to hire you right away.


Like everything else, your product too can outshine the other search engine results. We will implement product search results. If you own an eCommerce website or if you are a product company, we can create these product search results to show off products, their reviews, price and availability to bring in the right audience on the page.


A Course Search result makes sure that it gets found in search results. Display all the information you can and get found by students looking out for a course like yours. If you are an organisation that offers online courses and teachings, we can implement this to highlight your course and help you be found.


Do you own a website that flaunts recipes and cookery tips or just a blog where you post your handmade recipes? Recipe Search Results is the one for you! We can add fields like Ingredients, Preparation Time, Cooking Time, etc so that users know a few tit-bits before opening the page.


What do you see when you search your name on Google? Are you happy with the description you see, or you want more? We will implement additional information about yourself and structure it well so that it looks good and speaks good about you.

Job Postings

Every organisation has job vacancies when they are looking out for a qualified person to take up a responsibility. We can help show up your postings in search results. This makes sure you your candidate gets all the required information in one go and you are more likely to get relevant people applying for the job.

Software Application

Are you a software development company? We can create results for your Software applications, so that their details are presented well in search engine results. Properties like ratings and price can help you attract users to purchase the application.


Users often hunt for a book online. Our strategies can make it easier for users to discover books and authors within search results. As an e-book publisher, you can create a relative search results for your book so that users are encouraged to purchase immediately after finding it in the search results.


Are you hosting a Free Salsa class or a drawing competition? We can implement this data in such a way that your event will stand out in search results. Whatever the event is, we can attract users so that they can find the event and attend it too!

Video Object

We can implement searches to attract users with quick information about your video.

Case Studies

Know the difference between wants and needs

Knowing what you need is better than knowing what you want, That way you have an understanding of what’s a necessity and what isn’t

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