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Software Developers

A software developer or programmer in Sydney is a person who creates computer software. Software Developers often work for computer firms and manufacturers. They design, write, and test code for new systems and software to ensure efficiency. In addition software developers also run diagnostic programs and quality assurance testing on existing projects before launching them to certify effectiveness.

A Software Developer in Sydney must surely know the process of creating and designing new software systems. Such as initial planning, establishing parameters, designing, writing, coding, encrypting, and testing. Also, this process is usually undertaken by a team of Software Developers. Furthermore, each member of the team carrying out a particular step of the process. Not to mention a supervisor overseeing the entire project.

Software Developers in Sydney often use several programming languages. Their job is often very complex and it involves advanced knowledge in computer science and mathematics. Their field is constantly evolving and new technologies and advancements are made every day. This means that they must be in a constant state of learning and self-improvement.

Required Skills

  • Use and understand coding languages, as well as be aware of the latest technologies
  • Know how to work on different systems such as Windows, iOS, and Linux
  • Keep up-to-date with the industry’s constant updates and trends.
  • Multitasking and problem solving skills.
  • Highly responsible and capable of meeting goals and deadlines.
  • Good communication and informative skills

Software Development Services


Software Development Outsourcing

If you lack inner software improvement sources or expertise to aid your business boom or virtual transformation initiatives, Nifty Marketing is prepared to take over your development projects and ensure the effectiveness and transparency of our cooperation.

End-to-end Application Services

We combine modern minds and the in-depth understanding of a wide generation spectrum with the aspiration to offer solutions for complicated enterprise-level challenges in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, banking, retail, telecommunications, travel&hospitality;, entertainment, and more.

Custom Software Development

Nifty Marketing provides high-grade custom software to a wide range of clients – from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses. Distilling 30 years of revel in in IT, information across various era stacks and in greater than 10 industries, we allow you to to solve complicated demanding situations with dependable and agile virtual solutions.

Application management

We can take duty for the control of your applications making sure its increased commercial enterprise flexibility and optimized IT costs. With present day procedure management practices, our group will preserve and monitor your application servers and databases taking care of their greater performance, sustainability, stability and keepin them in sync with modern enterprise needs.

Application modernization

Our group implements modernization of legacy packages to growth their performance and contain them better into a modern corporation IT strategy.

We assist a wide variety of ‘revival’ activities and scale them in step with your business needs.


Application Integration

We can transform a couple of independent programs of your IT environment into one coherently working machine making an allowance for its increased performance and person convenience.

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