What to Ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant? Top 5 Questions

If you want to increase your online visibility and show up on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo, SEO is where you should get started with.

Better Search Engine Optimization can be a critical factor when it comes to boosting your leads or sales. More than that, SEO involves content marketing which can help you build up a brand as well.

Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of knowledge in order to achieve results in a competitive keyword.  Things take time with SEO, and these are the factors that contribute to the evolvement of a lot of fake SEO gurus.

For this reason, a lot of small business owners try to do SEO by themselves. But obviously, when your business grows, you don’t have a lot of time.

Lack of time will be one reason and lack of expertise is another thing that lags people from working on their Search Engine Marketing by themselves.

In the case of Sydney, and many other busy cities you can’t really afford to run a business in most of the cases if you don’t get involved in professional marketing strategies. So, definitely hiring an SEO consultant in Sydney makes sense.

Here are some of the questions that you need to ask before hiring an SEO consultant;

What kind of SEO strategy do we need?

SEO strategies vary from business to business. In the end, the major goal of running an SEO campaign is to get more revenue coming in. It is the best question to ask an SEO consultant on whether he is introduced to your industry or not.

SEO comes in different options. A local plumbing company can be profitable from local SEO, meanwhile, a big company will need enterprise SEO solutions.

A local website will need more visibility than branding. An international company will need to make different strategies compared to the local ones.

This topic also comes straight to the domain name you choose. Depending on your level and the level you want to grow, a good SEO consultant will be able to tell you whether you need a domain ending with an extension or not.

Most of the candidate’s proposal includes initial technical reviews in order to weed out the problems on your website. A good consultant will also be able to provide a roadmap on what you can expect when it comes to SEO and rankings.

Neil Patel has explained 7 Advance SEO strategies that he used in the past in order to rank better in a blog article. The article explains different SEO strategies. However, it is up to an SEO consultant to formulate or modify a plan.

Can we have the list of your current or past clients?

If you recruit a consultant to help the optimization of search engines, you have to choose someone with an established track record. What results did you produce for your customers?

Have they shown their potential to lead to increasing conversions? Or can businesses get the exposure they need online?

Hiring someone who has very minimal knowledge of SEO is very dangerous to a company. One wrong move can lead your website traffic to a dead end.

Make sure to reflect on previous performance if you do an interview. SEO information is now easy to acquire, but it’s not that easy to produce performance.

The proof is as they claim in the pudding. Make sure to ask for sources to follow them up. But be informed that for contractual and confidential purposes, certain SEOs cannot lawfully exchange consumer details.

Do you follow Google’s webmaster guidelines?

You want a consultant who strictly complies with the best practices released by Google’s webmaster, which prohibit 12 popular SEO tricks like the automated development of spam and the insertion of false texts and links.

If an applicant does not meet these rules, the score of the web site will be very limited. Or worse yet, Google could totally block search results.

Bing and Yahoo also post best practices for webmasters that consultants must confirm. Violation of these policies can lead you to negative results instead of no results.

Meanwhile, webmaster guidelines ensure the healthy existence of SEO of a website even after a major search engine algorithm update.

Back in the day’s keyword stuffing was an advanced SEO technique and was able to help a website with high rankings. However, things have changed for good, and following these guidelines is the only way to stay out of trouble when the search engine releases another algorithm update.


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