Getting Started with SEO

How to get Started

SEO is a critical aspect to have within your website. It stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, it requires the understanding of quality and the quantity of the work. This ensures that your brand is exposed through Search Engines with no payment. Thus, ensuring “organic” search Engine Results. Although SEO is only an acronym that almost everyone knows, for your website to have proper SEO, you must understand the traffic who will be searching. Furthermore, understanding the people, enhances your ability to put in what your particular audience wants.

This means having answers for them to click onto your site, have the words they might search for embedded into your site’s pages. Additionally, understanding the answers to those potential questions allows for your site to be reached and connects all those searching online to your solutions being offered.

Knowing your audience is only half of the SEO aspect. Delivering the content and the quality is the other half of Search Engine Optimisation. It must be delivered in a way where the Search Engine crawlers can understand along with being able to finding your particular page or site.

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Organic Results

Organic Search Results are earned through the quality of the content presented and not through pay per click. Currently, it is simple to understand and differentiate the difference between an ad and an SEO site. Paid results are basically advertisements — the Web site owners have paid to have their Web pages display for certain keywords, so these listings show up when someone runs a search query containing those keywords.

On a search results page, you can tell paid results from organic ones because search engines set apart the paid listings, putting them above or to the right of the organic results, or giving them a shaded background, border lines, or other visual clues. The following figure shows the difference between paid listings and organic results.

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