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Website Design

Darley Aluminium is one of the largest Aluminium Extrusion factories in Australia. We redesigned their website to include various sections such as blogs, projects, and a quick search feature. Load time of the website is really swift and is a perfect fit to imply SEO as well. The new website designed by Nifty Marketing Australia also has a login feature which their contractors can utilize. This website is designed for maximum lead conversion and perfectly expresses the brand as well.

Digital Marketing Solution

Not every other marketing agency is experienced when it comes to enterprise SEO or accomplishing goals for large-sized clients. Darley Aluminium is a company with a reputation of being the best in the market and their website needed to reflect their expertise. Their website is a B2B as well as a B2C targeted, which makes content creation and customer intention side of digital marketing complex. However, the solutions tailored by Nifty Marketing Australia not only helped the website grow but also made them able to capture leads in an efficient manner.

Darley’s Aluminium tailored Digital Marketing campaign started with the creation of a brand new website. We have realised that the website they had before was not attractive and fast enough, especially for representing a company of this size. Our web designers identified the best ways this business can be represented as a website. Colour combination was kept in mind and navigation was made easy so that customers don’t get confused and relevant information on their website.

Also, there were many things that were needed to be fixed in the technical SEO side. There is a limit that every website can reach with the same content. We extended that limit with the help of more content creation and made that space to grow in the digital side of marketing.

The results that Darley Aluminium received was dramatic. Firstly we were able to grow the traffic by 200% as soon as the new website rolled out. The figures came as a result of various promotions and contests that we ran on the new website. The new navigation menu also helped us a lot in the process.

The first month of digital marketing was a milestone. The second milestone came in the few months of starting the SEO process. We doubled the traffic and leads coming in through the website with the utilization of various promotional channels.

Growth within 4 months after releasing the new website was 400%

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