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If you have been googling endlessly about how to build a website or how much does it cost to build a website then you have no doubt stumbled upon many businesses promising they can make you one in “just a few days for just $500”. There is an overwhelming amount of companies out there who will give you a quote much cheaper than any other competitor hoping that when all is said and done after signing away at the contract, only to have you realize later on that it was a big mistake. This blog post is dedicated to making sure that you are taking confident steps in the right direction of finding a website designer and creator that will get you where you need to. Read on to hear about how we at Nifty marketing can help you.


An estimated timeline of how long it will take for your website to be designed is always a smart thing to ask. A good web design company should never over-promise their client’s timeframes because they are professionals and know what can go wrong. But asking them about potential milestones in the process would not only help you stay on track but will also give you a better chance of getting your money back if they don’t meet the deadline.

What strategies and frameworks do you use?

This is a great question to ask because the answer you receive typically reveals how customized and flexible your new website will be. Be on the lookout for designers who are just building something for it to look pretty. It doesn’t matter what strategy and framework you use if a web design firm wants to buy a pre-made theme and stuff your material into it; the end result can’t be changed. As a consequence, seek out out about the approach and structure before signing any paperwork.

What type of content can I add?

Some web design companies are limited in what they offer clients when it comes to adding content to their website, especially if they use a pre-made theme. The best way to find out the answer is to simply ask your web design company if you can add anything on your own after it has been completed. You might also want to find out the average amount of time that your web design company charges for minor updates and changes that need to be made to a website in future.

What search engine do you use?

For SEO purposes, it is smart to ask your web design company what search engine they use and if you can provide keywords and links yourself. It is important to know that not every web design company offers the same services, one might be great for SEO but poor at website design while another may be great at both but lack how to generate leads. Always ask about their capabilities and let them explain them to you so that it’s not a surprise down the line.

What’s the plan for ongoing support, maintenance and security?

Once your website is designed it will need to be maintained and updated regularly. Some web design companies charge a small amount for this service but that’s not always the case so you might have to pay extra if things are done the wrong way, or if important updates are missing. It’s important to think about your website in the long term in order to maintain a steady flow of trafficking. Another follow up question to this is asking whether they will have a content management system, if so you can contribute to this aspect of the build to make sure that you are satisfied with the end result.

Can you give me examples?

Last but not least, asking for some case studies of previous work is always smart so you can get an idea of how closely your new website will resemble theirs. By looking at their work you can determine if the user experience is something you are satisfied with.  In addition, you can also see if the design and function is pleasing to your eye or not. Ask for a list of different website packages that they have offered their clients in the past and find out what each one includes. You can understand whether their form of a website build is something that is suitable for you and your business, and it can give you an idea about how the design process will work.

What is expected of me?

This is important to ask because every company operates differently, and some may have different expectations of you. Make sure that your web design company knows exactly what you want and if necessary provide them with examples. It’s also important to keep in mind that a lot of web designers do not code the website themselves so don’t expect perfection but it will definitely be close enough for you to have an enjoyable experience. Speaking to the project manager about this is the best way to determine what is expected of you. Make sure the web designer can answer the “content question” and has a strategy for how much involvement you’ll need to provide. Don’t fall behind schedule because you didn’t know where to start when it came to creating the work you’d need to offer.

Where are you hosting my website?

There are heaps of places to host websites these days but some companies prefer to provide a one-stop-shop and use their own hosting services. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but you should always ask where your website is going to be hosted. If it is in house, make sure they provide you with some sort of backup plan in case the site goes down (every good web design company will offer this anyways).


Lastly, it is important to address the elephant in the room. How much will everything cost? This question might be hard to answer but the best thing you can do is get a quote from the web design company. If they have a form on their website then just fill it out and wait for a response or call them up to get an estimate. Price is the most perplexing aspect of any project for both the customer and the web design business. There are many different ways to price things, and it does vary depending on the situation. It’s true that some clients take longer than others, regardless of whether or not their demands are similar.

Ongoing fees?

Don’t make the mistake of not asking this simple question when designing your website. A lot of web design companies in Australia like to draw clients in with low set-up fee’s and then surprise them down the line with monthly charges that you were never told about. This leads to a very nasty client experience and can also lead to legal problems if there is any disagreement over the final quote. Always keep in mind that your web design company is trying to make money just like you so getting a fixed price on set-up fees is always recommended.

A web design company should be more than willing to answer these 7 questions that we have discussed above, but it is still important to keep in mind that there are different styles and preferences when it comes down to strategy and tactics which some companies may not offer, so make sure you know what they can do for you.

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