What is Google AMP & How Does it Helps SEO?

According to a 2020 report, daily media use on mobile devices has risen by 504% since 2011. With more people accessing content from mobile devices, it’s more critical than ever to prepare for the mobile experience—not only for your readers but also for your SEO.

Google will spot pages that load slowly or have a high bounce rate. And will place such pages lower in search results. Hence, the AMP platform was developed in order to help businesses maintain website speed and bounce rate.

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, are lightweight pages intended to provide mobile users with a faster, more immersive experience. It’s “an open-source HTML platform that makes it simple to make quick, smooth-loading webpages that prioritize the user experience above all else.”

It usually entails making a stripped-down, mobile-optimized AMP clone of the current HTML5 website material for most pages. When an AMP substitute exists, the consumer is served the AMP variant instead of the canonical page.

Related to Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News, where all aim to make mobile information more accessible and simpler to consume.

What is the main distinction between the two formats?

AMP enables the material to be distributed on the open network without the need for platform-specific software.

How Does AMP Helps SEO?

The key advantage of AMP is its speed. If your website is already very slow to load for users on a 3G mobile connection, using AMP can result in a significant decrease in load times.

In July 2018, Google confirmed that the “Speed Update” will be rolled out to all smartphone devices. Due to this change in the ranking algorithm, very slow-loading web pages can now be penalized in the search results. Although only a small ranking element, a page’s load speed may have other effects on the page’s efficiency.

According to a Google study, when a page’s load period rises from 1 to 5 seconds, the bounce rate increases by 90%. As a consequence, even though your site isn’t sluggish enough to cause the Speed Change. Your visitors will benefit from a fast-loading accelerated mobile website.

Is AMP Good for your website?

As you’ve learned, AMP is a wonderful way to speed up web pages and, as a result, have a smoother user experience with your content delivery, particularly for mobile users.

If it is deemed correct for your company based on the business model and the requirements above. Make sure to understand the above factors and adopt the measures for implementation. It will take some time, but making better-performing content will pay off in the long run.


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